« If there is no struggle there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation... want crops without plowing up the ground... they want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters... power concedes nothing without a demand ».


Frederick Douglass (1818-1895)

We are united by our common vision for a contemporary and human-oriented practice of our profession, which drove us to founding our law firm, MSS Law.


We assist and represent our clients before the Swiss cantonal and federal courts, as well as before international courts. We pride ourselves in our transparency and we always act in our clients’ best interests. Our practice is focused on litigation, counsel, and on alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation and negotiation. We offer our services to individuals as well as businesses and we assist and advise public and private organisations, as well as associations and NGOs.


Our experience, as well as our tested knowledge and academic activities allow us to best defend your interests in any given situation. Anne Meier's focus is on labour law, employment law, and social security. Roxane Sheybani is a litigator who will assist you in civil and criminal cases, as well as in immigration matters.


We work and communicate in French, German, and English.





MSS Law has been selected amongst the best law firms in Switzerland. In the 2018 ranking of Swiss law firms, MSS Law is cited among the 20 best law firms in the fields of immigration law and labour law (employees’ side). We are very proud of this achievement, just one year after we founded our law firm. We will strive to continue to provide excellent service in the future. For their trust, we thank our colleagues and peers, as well as clients, who have been kind enough to recommend our work. The full classification can be found here (in French, from the newspaper Le Temps) and here (in German, from the magazine Bilanz).


Anne Meier participates in the series of events organized by the "Ligue suisse des droits de l’homme de Genève » for its 90th anniversary, on the theme of social rights, holding a conference on January 17th, 2019, about work conditions and the legal framework in social welfare occupational programmes. The full programme for the events is available here


Anne Meier talked about the influence of new technologies at the workplace in the show «Ensemble» on Léman Bleu


Roxane Sheybani held a conference for the Bar Association (Young Lawyers section), « Avocat-e de permanence en matière de mesures de contrainte et d’éloignement visant les étrangers : la gestion d’une audience devant le TAPI et les incontournables de la jurisprudence », Geneva, Courthouse, 22 octobre 2018 (with Me Léonard Micheli)


Roxane Sheybani presented the recent case law in immigration law during the Marathon du droit organized by the Geneva Bar Association on Saturday, November 10th, 2018 at Uni Mail, Geneva


Roxane Sheybani will present the recent case law in immigration law during the "Triathlon du droit" organized by the Swiss Bar Association on Saturday, September 1st,  2018 at the Stade de Suisse, Bern


New publication: commissioned by the Federal Tripartite Commission for ILO Affairs in the perspective of the ILO’s 100 years celebration in 2019, this study on the future of social partnership and tripartism in the context of the digitalization of the economy, was written by Anne Meier, Zoé Seiler and Professor Kurt Pärli (University of Basel). It is now available here in French and German


Anne Meier talked about sexual harassment at the workplace with a journalist at CNN Money Switzerland. video


New publication ! Anne Meier wrote an article with Professor Kurt Pärli (University of Basel) about social insurance questions related to welfare-to-work programs. The contribution was written in the frame of the research project Working under the conditions of social welfare.


Roxane Sheybani took part to the conference for the Bar Association (Young Lawyers section), « Avocat de permanence en matière de mesures de contrainte et d’éloignement visant les étrangers : la gestion d’une audience devant le TAPI et les incontournables de la jurisprudence », Geneva, Courthouse, 11th December 2017 (with Me Brice Van Erps)





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